young wethers for sale
I have 2 young wethers, Ocho and Silver, available for sale. They were born in April of this year. I'll miss them a lot, but I already have 3 other pack goats in training and realized that 3 is all I really need for one person. Beautiful, silver-grey and white markings, long legs, Alpine/Toggenburg cross. They are not bottle fed, but I have worked with them a lot and they are friendly and well socialized without being obnoxiously friendly (like my 2 bottle fed babies are). 

They tie well, walk on leash, will follow me across water, are used to dogs, and each of them rides with me in the car 3-4 times a week on average (they lay down in the passenger seat with their head on my lap once the car is moving). Polite, good boys, don't make a lot of noise. Asking $400 each or $700 for both. I want to make sure they go to good homes.

The mom is also for sale, Patches, a 4-year old Alpine milk goat (will post pictures soon. She is white and tan, similar facial markings as her kids). She is easy to milk but is not a high-producing goat, average about 2 quarts a day I think (I still have her babies with her so it is hard to tell for sure). Very friendly. Not leash trained, but will let me lead her by collar and will follow on walks. Asking $200. She's a good momma, very patient with babies but not overprotective like some goats, doesn't seem to care much when I take her babies in the car with me.

Contact me if interested. I am in Bedrock, CO, you would have to pick up.

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