Finn's First!
Great photos. Looks like a good time!
We took all three of our little guys out for a hike today and boy did we have fun! They're so great to watch! Finn is just a natural at this hiking thing. He leaped into the truck by himself, and he rode quietly the entire way there and back. Snickers and Sputnik had to be lifted into the truck and they were kind of noisy the whole way there, but I'm glad Finn is setting a good example for them.

Sputnik started out the ride by trying to hang himself. He leaped over the side of the truck before we got going. I thought he was tied short enough that he couldn't jump over the side, but sometimes these goats like to surprise us. Phil rescued him immediately, and of course we were all shaken up, but Sputnik seemed no worse for the wear and he didn't try that stunt again no matter how upset he got.

It didn't take Sputnik long to become alarmed as we left the trailhead. He started screaming "MAAAA!! MAAAAAA!!!" When she didn't appear, he turned around and ran back down the trail by himself. No one followed him (in fact, we all kept going the other way!), so he lost his nerve and came back. I put him on a leash for a while until I was sure he was ok, but it still took him a while to settle down. He cried for probably half a mile before he gave up the dying act. We also discovered that Sputnik was much happier if I let all the babies walk in front of me and behind Phil. I guess he didn't like being in the very back where the bears are. Snickers was happy and quiet as long as Sputnik was happy and quiet. Finn was happy and quiet no matter what.

We had only one misadventure, and that was with a hiker's dog. The hiker was courteous and put his dog on a leash, and we leashed all of our babies too. Well, it didn't help. The dog was excited to see goats for the first time and was leaping joyously up and down. Finn was nervous but took it in stride. I was holding Snickers and Sputnik and I almost got a ride down the mountainside. They both panicked and leaped up the trail like they were on springs. Sputnik spun around and got the leash wrapped around one front leg, and when he tried to bolt it tripped him up and he did a front flip. This scared him further and he kept trying to get up and leap, but kept doing front flips. This scared Snickers to death, so he was lunging against the collar like a mad goat and landing on top of poor somersaulting Sputnik. I eventually got them sorted out, and then it took them a while to settle down. I decided that the next time we see a dog, I'm going to grab them firmly by the collars so they can't leap even one foot. I'm surprised they were so scared of a dog since they're used to Daisy. Perhaps she's been telling them nightmare stories about the dangers of strange dogs.

After recovering from the dog encounter, everyone settled down considerably. There was no more crying, no more trying to go home, and no more panic attacks. It was a good, fun hike, and everyone rode home quietly. I don't think it will take them long to start loving these outings.
Cool, good job. Sounds like they are going to make great packers!
Snickers went for his first "solo" hike today, and I gotta say, this little guy is just as much a "natural" as Finn! I left Sputnik home because he was such a noisy little worry-wart the other day. I thought Snickers might be upset without his brother, but that wasn't the case at all. He seemed calmer without Sputnik there to work him up.

Snickers really latched onto the friend I was hiking with and stayed right next to her most of the time.

My friend brought a Nigerian Dwarf baby with us as well. What a cutie!

Snickers is just getting prettier and prettier!

"These shoes smell interesting..."


"This stuff looks pretty wet to me."
Neat pics Nanno. Smile Nice looking goat Wink
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I love the little black markings on Snicker's face. He sure is a looker. You guys produce some pretty ones. Smile
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Thanks for the compliments! I love the dots on his face too--the ones on either side of his nose are perfectly symmetrical. I hope they grow with him instead of shrinking in comparison. The spot on Petunia's face grew quite a bit as she aged, so you never know. Also, look closely at his left side. You can just see some light brown spots in the hair. He's getting more of them and they're growing in darker underneath, so I think he's going to go all roany-speckledy on the side like Cuzco.

And I have GOT to get some photos of Sputnik! His coat is changing a ton lately and he's getting this WILD spotting pattern all over his body. It's incredible looking! I can't wait to see how he turns out. I think he's going to grow up and be a nice hiker like the others, but if he doesn't then we're turning him into a rug! Tongue
Oh um. Moon spots, like you'd see on a Nubian, are always a sign of a serious ringworm fungal infection. Next thing you know....

[Image: ugly_goat.jpg]
Tell ya what... if he starts looking like that I'll just have him shipped over to you. Tongue
Phil is absolutely smitten with Finn. Those two went for a hike yesterday and they were just heading out again this afternoon while I was coming up the driveway on my horse. It looks like Finn is going to end up being one of our "forever" goats like Cuzco.

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