Montana goat packer
Howdy from Montana,

I started packing a goat in 1975.  I couldnt afford mules and still wanted to head into the Absorka Beartooth Wilderness so I made my own packsaddle and used  Alpine power.  I did many things wrong at first but things worked out...even after having an unwanted Grizzly in camp one night.  I became a back country guide and eventually graduated to pack mules as the elk meat I was tasked with packing out were so big and heavy.  I have always been used to a sparten amount of gear while in the backcountry (think ultralight backpacker) even though I could of easily packed more stuff.  My last mule just passed away from old age now but at age 62, I cant imagine staying away from the mountains and high country.  Going back to goats due to ease of care and less expense in uokeep is my next pivot.  It allows me to go off trail and go to special places with a very low impact. i am, catching back upwith whats going on in the goat world.  Spin offs include pulling a cart and learning to make goat cheese I am hoping. We will see.
Welcome! Sounds like you've had quite an adventuresome life! Please let us know how your journey back into goat packing goes. Smile
There have to be some old photos from the pioneering days of pack goats that you need to scan and upload Smile
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!

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