help me identify what brand saddles these are?
I bought 3 saddles a few years ago.  basic wood saddles.  

I'm curious if yall "recognize" the brand of saddle, since there is no manufacturers mark on two of them.  

one saddle has an elk + boot print on it. I assume that one ought to be recognizable.  I think it may have been made by a man named Glenn Thornton?

Do these look "familiar".  it's not really important..... I'm really just curious. 

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I've seen the elk + boot print (I think it's actually supposed to be a goat print but it's too round) logo before but I can't remember whose it is. I don't think they've been in business for a while. Where did you get the saddles? They look like they're in great shape!
the saddles were in Paonia, Colorado when I bought them. also came with 4 sets of panniers. I agree that they are in good shape, given their probable age.
All three saddles are beautiful and adjustable, but to be honest it's hard for me to tell the difference between these brands.

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