Helicopters and stampeding goats
YES! We've had a few helicopter incidents, but more often we've had problems with low-flying airplanes from the Air Force base up near Colorado Springs. A huge bomber practically took the roof off our house one time. It was so low I had to resist the urge to duck!

So far we've only had one accident from these fly-overs though, and I'll never forget it because it cost me money! A trio of low-flying fighter jets went right over our house on Mother's Day 2018. I'm not sure how it was even legal for them to fly so low over a residence, but anyhow one of my does was in her little house with her week-old kids when the planes roared over. She spooked and bolted out the door, caught her right side on something, and ripped a huge hole in her hide. Luckily I caught it right away and was able to get it stitched befor the skin dried out. The gash was probably about six inches across but the large flap of skin was still attached so all the vet had to do was stretch it back over (not too hard since she'd given birth the week before--had it happened while she was pregnant that skin would never have stretched far enough!).

Anyway, I called the Air Force Academy and they didn't take responsibility so they referred me to some other Air Force base in New Mexico. I made a few calls and got a few non-committal answers but no one fessed up. I don't know if someone took my complaint to a higher authority without admitting fault or if we've just been lucky, but that was the last low flyover we've had.

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