Western Colorado?
Hello from Palisade Colorado.... Wondering if there are any others on this here forum from around these parts?  I used to have four young wethers, hiked with them a lot and loved it, then we had children and the boys weren't too welcoming to anyone that wasn't me, bummer...Now my youngest (human) is 9 and we're thinking about a couple more packers/companions...wondering if anyone out there is in our neighborhood and interested in a visitor?  Any and all comments/suggestions welcome..

There are several NAPgA members in your area but I don't know how frequently they visit these forums. If you are a NAPgA member you can find them on the Member Map and reach out to them.
Well, I'm in Ferron UT. On a clear day, if I climb way up high, I think I can see some Western Colorado peaks in the hazy distance.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!

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