Are Toggenburgs really that different?
I really like the look of Toggenburgs, but they don't have the best reputation as pack goats. Is it their tendency to be on the smaller side? Or maybe their tendency towards longer hair coats? I've been told that they're more sensitive than other breeds; has anyone found that to be true? 

I don't have Toggenburgs, but my goats get regular shots, topical insecticide, various oral medications, and a yearly blood pull. I'm sure the goats think I'm just being "mean", but they still seem to love and forgive me. Would a Toggenburg hold more of a grudge against me?

It seems to be a common belief that Toggs are "different," but could someone expound?
I am not personally familiar with Toggs, but as far as packgoats I've heard nothing but good things about them. They may be on the small side, but they are very strong and tend to have some of the best feet and legs of any packgoats in the country. I hear they generally have very nice, easy-going personalities as well.
I have a half Togg, Felix, that is shaping up to be one of the best packers I've owned. His dad was big for a Togg, and his mom was huge for a female goat in general. She was half Alpine and half Nubian. He's got a weird version of brown that only the Toggs have, but he's got rather Alpine horns on him. I think people say that Toggs have some of the best personalities, but tend to be small on average.

I hear a lot about what breed is best, but all I can say is that I've had or seen gems in all breeds, and duds too.
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One Togg personality trait I have read about is they tend to get more independent and stand offish towards age 3. The author noted this made them a little harder to catch and get a saddle on.
(12-27-2021, 09:28 PM)IdahoNancy Wrote: One Togg personality trait I have read about is they tend to get more independent and stand offish towards age 3. The author noted this made them a little harder to catch and get a saddle on.

I am curious how a Tog will do too. I fell in lov3.w/one of Dwite's Tog babies , my inevitable souvenier from this year's '22 Rendy zo i am hoping Herb and the other Tog admirer are.right that they make great packgoats.

Dwite's us, concerning their independent streak is just.give them every day to make sure they stay bonded. Here's hoping.
I have Togg cross baby packers (with some Alpine and Nubian parentage), and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are all very sweet and friendly. The 3/4Togg/1/4Nubian boys, Andy and Stanley, are like big friendly dogs and they always want to be by my side. The Togg/Alpine kids Ocho and Silver and their sister Lucky are friendly too (they have their mom so they don't think I'm mom). Tito (3/4 Togg, 1/4 Alpine), is probably my favorite, looks the most Toggenburg and is maybe the smartest and he does seem a little independent, often hangs out by himself (maybe partly because he is an only child and his momma wouldn't let him nurse without me first catching her and putting her in the milking stanchion), but he's also really friendly to me and comes when I call.

I would say that some of them are sensitive, Tito seems almost thoughtful at times and he gets sad when he's having mommy issues, I really can't yell at him because it hurts his feelings. Andy, if I'm yelling at another goat, will come and look into my eyes as if to say, is everything alright? Ocho and Silver don't seem particularly sensitive, I tie them to a post when they jump on the chicken coop and say, bad goat, and it doesn't seem like their feelings are very hurt (more like Alpines), they just lie down until I untie them and usually don't jump on it again until the next day.

They're all sturdy looking, Andy, Stanley and Tito are huskier and calmer, but Ocho and Silver have longer legs and may be better proportioned. I think I prefer the ones with less Alpine, not that Ocho and Silver are bad, but they are friskier and like to jump on things and the other ones don't. They let me put a little pack on them, or a muzzle, and Andy and Stanley let me lead them on a double leash with a splitter (head to head). Just really calm nice goats. I think they would all follow me anywhere, it's all about the socialization, and I take these guys in the car with me all the time, and I walk them on a leash in various places.

Catching them is never a problem, the only goat I have that is hard to catch is Tito's momma Cricket (1/2 Alpine 1/2 Toggenberg), and that's because I didn't socialize her much as a baby. These babies, they're just with me all the time when I'm home, I even sleep outside sometimes with them tied next to me to get them used to camping. So they just think I'm one of them.

Their dad, Andre, is a purebred Toggenburg and he's always been an extremely friendly goat (which is not so great with the male goat smell!), kind of on the dumb side I think, but his babies all seem smart. I was skeptical at first when we got a Toggenberg to be the dad and not sure if he'd make good pack goats, but now that I have them I think we definitely made the right choice and I love all of them.
With many endless days over 100 degrees here now, our little.tog seems to be suffering worse than any of our other goats from the heat. 107 here today. We waited for sun to go down and tried to take him and the little oberhasli for our usual evening walk away from our property. For first time, tog refused. Putting my ear near his nose i could hear his very rapid breath and then noticed his mouth slightly open in a pant. The oberhasli seemed unaffected. But we canceled.the walk. His toggie coat seems longer than our nubies, la manchas and even our oberhasli. I worry togs may not be a good choice for this climate. We will do our best for him but will not get another tog for a super hot climate like ours.
Although it is still very hot here, we are very discouraged in believing this toggdnburger is going to be a good.packer. He is showing lot of independence, not wanting to follow much distance away from his home.base.

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