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I am selling my beloved pack gear.  I have had it stored for too long when it should be used.
There are 8 saddles,  5 sets of standard size panniers, 1 larger set, that can hold tent, 1 smaller set I used to carry lunch box coolers, 8 top packs (manty) that fit over the panniers, suitable for sleeping bags, bed rolls etc.  Two of the 8 saddles were made by Glen Thornton, a well respected saddle maker and I have two sets of heavy duty woven fabric panniers purchased from John Mionczynsky. My asking price on these two sets is 175.00 each for saddle, panniers, top manty pack and two felt pads.  I have 16 ¾ inch felt pads at 15.00 each, I doubled them when packing.
My main interest is to see this equipment being used and appreciated.  If you are looking for packing equipment, you can't afford to pass up this opportunity.  This equipment was used for many years and is ready for many more.  It is in great condition, could use some cleaning.  Buyer would pay shipping or pick up in Salmon, Idaho.  I can send more photos or videos on request.
Thanks, erv


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Looks like a lot of very nice stuff. Did you make it, or was it made by someone else?
Sorry, I just saw this, I had noticed Your comment but couldn't find it till I did make most of the saddles and panniers. I have two saddles made by Glen Thornton back in the day, he made fine saddles. I have two sets of what I call bucket panniers, made by John Mionczynski. The fabric is very heavy duty and when I was making equipment I could never find that fabric. My business was Pack Idaho, I enjoyed it but found myself packing less and sewing more, and all the hype at the time selling equipment, just lost interest.
I think I made a mistake wanting to sell as a lot so think I am going to change the add and piece things out. The saddles I have other than Glen's are not polished and pretty, as I made them for myself but they are good saddles and still plenty functional.
Thanks, hope you have a nice turkey day, erv
Hi, I'm very interested in some gear, possibly up to 4 saddles. Can you email me more photos and any guess on cost to ship it to 95469? This would make a great Christmas present for my husband who is just getting into packing.

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