2 Alpine Packgoats in Canon City, Colorado
Hello Packgoat Central, 

We got 2 young Alpine whethers from Nan at Goatorama, so far we are very happy with our boys. Bengun and Hawkins.

We live right next to a trailhead, so we have been able to go on daily walks with them.  The terrain is ideal for these guys, very steep, rocky, and cliffy incline sections and then very flat plateau up top with miles of trail.

They do wonderful, started out on leashes until we got to the trailhead, but we have now been able to ditch the leashes and they simply follow us now with no objections except green leaves!  They really have better temperments after a walk, much quieter, not as greedy for food, usually as tired as me!

They have been a blessing!

We are also trying a different approach with the goats, a small goat scaping operation that goes along with our landscape business. We have already hauled them to 1 clients house for a day of weeding with dad. They did great good work buddies for blazing trail in tall weeds. However they don't like to be alone! Baaaa baaah baah!

Any ways it is a pleasure to now be apart of this growing community, we cannot wait to get further into it with our boys on the trails! And meeting some of you all in the future!

We are very knew to this and learning as we go! Ducks, Goats, and Dogs are all out in that yard! 

Blessings from Colorado,
Jordan and Becca
Becca and Jordan 
Oh my gosh, look at them! And, "Phew!" When I saw the headline "2 Alpine Packgoats in Canon City" and started reading the first line of your post, my heart sank because I thought you were already selling them! We have lots of posts in the Classifieds section that start out like this one so I wondered what could have gone so wrong in just a few weeks. I am very relieved that I was mistaken! Obviously life happens and plans don't always work out, so if one day you find yourself in the position of having to sell I certainly understand and take no offense. But I'm so glad that's not actually the case right now and that you're having so much fun with your boys!

Your photo is awesome. I'm hoping to post some of our photos from Utah soon. Hawkins reminds me so much of his daddy in that picture--climbing to the highest point to look down and looking good while doing it!

This is Hawkins' papa, Scout. 
We love them, they aren't going anywhere away from us! So don't worry a bit Nan.

Hawkins looks just like his dad, Scout! And yes they are not shy of a cliffside! So fun to watch and be with!

Thanks Nan, very happy to have them.
And happy to hear from you!
Becca and Jordan 

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