Hello from Tennessee
Hey, y’all! I’m from the Tennessee Valley. I love my goats and have always wanted to teach them to carry or pull, but life has been too crazy to spend the time. Now though, it’s time for me to do all my research and hopefully try it!
Welcome! Teaching goats to carry and pull is very easy. They are willing, docile creatures and most have an excellent work ethic. Keep us informed of your progress, and always feel free to ask questions!
Thanks! I’ll definitely be here to ask questions as I go!
@Nanno I think you’re the one I just bought my packing prospect, Ashanti from. I’m excited to start working with her!
Well yes I did sell a doe named Ashanti to a very nice lady from Tennessee! That's awesome. I had no idea when "Dragonmaker" made that post that it was you! With her sweet, people-oriented attitude I think Ashanti will make a wonderful light packer and pulling doe. You never know... you could end up at the International Goat Days Festival in Millington and revive the ol' chariot race! Did I tell you that Phil and I hauled Finn and Sputnik out to Tennessee for the chariot race in 2017? Turned out we were the only two competitors that year, but I hear that in its glory days the chariot race was a really big deal!
I hadn’t heard of the chariot race! That’s so cool!

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