End size discrimination: Join the NDPGA today!
... that's the Nigerian Dwarf Pack Goat Association.  No, we don't have a website or a FB page or (501)c3 registration or anything like that - we're too busy rocking the trails with our 10lb packs!    

Pros of packing with NDs:

- Fits in the back seat of a Honda Civic or the cargo rack of an ATV (no horse trailer needed)
- Will snuggle up in the tent on a cold night in the mountains
- Won't get stuck on low hanging branches
- Can pack on "No Stock Allowed" trails by pretending to be a dog. Can pack on "No Dogs Allowed" trails by pretending to be stock.
- Don't have to mortgage the house to pay for saddles and panniers
- No climbing trees to set up a highline
- Babies are cuter than puppies or bunnies


-  Can't carry a ton. But that just means more exercise for the humans!
-  Hearing "ohh she's so cute" every 10 minutes on busy trails
-  Limited creek fording depth

We all like the big beefy Alpines, but don't count out the little goats! (If there's enough interest, we could rename the organization to include pygmies and mini goats too!!!)

On a per-pound or per-inch basis, this is our best hiker:

[Image: PackGoat.jpg]
I LOVE this post!  I think it's great people are getting out hiking with their goats no matter their size!  I know a couple who hiked portions of the PCT with their Nigerians!  I have friends who hike with mini Alpines.  A lot of the 4H youth are using Nigerians in the packgoat project.

The packgoat training saddles from packgoats.com fit the Nigerians and miniature dairy goats (Nigerian x standard size).  They offer support along the spine that dog packs don't.

Here's a photo of a friend's daughter and her mini Alpine wearing the training saddle.

Goatberries Happen!
This dog pack has been fitted with foam pieces along the sides of the spine so it works well as a soft saddle for smaller goats. We have the kid trainer packs too, which fit about the same on the body - but the straps are pretty long so there are some big loose ends to deal with.
What brand is the dog pack? I've never seen one with foam supports along the spine. How did the price compare to the kid trainer?

You could always trim the straps on the kid trainer down and heat the end of the strap to seal it.

Please post photos of your little hikers on the trail! I don't care what size they are - I just love seeing people get out and enjoy time with their goats!
Goatberries Happen!
Very fun thread!

You can shorten the straps on the kid pack. Adjust them to where you need them, cut off the excess, and burn the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying. Wink
Frankly its time every critter gets to work.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!

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