4 Pack Goats for sale
*** Goats have been sold - We have 4 Pack Goats available.  We have 2 full Alpine, they are 4 years old.  One is 1/4 Guernsey and 3/4 Alpine, he is 4 years old.  The fourth is Oberhasli and is 5 years old.  We bottle raised the 3 that are 4 years old and the Oberhasli was bottle raised by the previous owner and joined our little herd when he was a yearling.  They are all very bonded to people and are happy to follow well on the trails.  We put a lot of emphasis on respectful trail manners from a very young age.  As with many goats, they will start out a little excitable, but settle down quickly.  Their personalities compliment each other well.  They are easy to catch and will stand to have their collars put on.  Experience with low lines and being staked out.  They all have packing experience, as well as numerous overnight/extended stay trips.  Videos available upon request.  We have 2 kid packs from Marc Warnke, as well as a saddle and panniers from NW pack goats.  Collars/leads/long line/etc available as well.  

We would love to see them go together, along with all of their gear and supplies (does not include goat box for transporting) - $1,600

We may be willing to sell them separately - goats, $400/each - saddle and panniers, along with stay put saddle pad, $250 - kid saddles, $100/each   

*** Goat transport box is still available - We also have a custom made goat box, for transporting.  It was made to fit in the back of a truck or in a utility trailer.  Transports 4 goats very nicely. Dimensions are L74" x W48" x H52" - $650

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I may be interested. Where are you located?
I maybbe interested depending on location
We are near Eugene, OR.  The goats are still available! Thanks!
E-Mailed you yesterday on Craigslist 
Coming down that direction tomorrow. Do you still have them?
Are your saddles and panniers still available?
Believe the goats are sold but if they are still available please call I'm definitely interested 707-332-9011 thanks

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