Goat or Dog?
Yesterday Lex and Leif, my 2 year old LaManchas, had their 1st highline session.  They respect the collar so didn't fight it but they walked in circles, played with the lead (which earned them a squirt of water) and tested how far they could go.  Leif decided he was just going to stand still and pout.  I'd never seen a goat pout before!  After about 15 minutes Lex laid down, picked up a stick that was by him and began playing with it.  That's something I'd expect a dog to do - not a goat!  Maybe he's been watching our dog, Skippy, play with sticks.

It'll be interesting to see how they do today.  Will Leif still pout?  Will Lex just lay down and chill right away?  Goats are always so entertaining!

Goatberries Happen!

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