Alpine/ober kids
I have 2 Alpine/Ober kids for sale. 12weeks old.  1-doeling, 1- buck. Bloodlines from circle 33 and Trinity pack goats. They both have great packer genetics. Super solid legs and great size. Mom is Alpine, Dad is Ober. Both of these kids are gonna be great additions too anyone’s string. 
Doe is lighter in color. Both have graat balance and very agile. Have had a playground since they were born. 
The buck is still intact till this week. Then he will get banded. 
Both have been damn raised but could be bottle fed too increase connectivity with new owners. They are also on free choice goat grower and 50-50 alfalfa/grass hay. Current on worming and been treated too prevent coccidia. I’ve tried too give them the best start possible. 
250$ each
Coos Bay, Or, Possibly wiling too travel or meet halfway

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