HOWDY y'all (from south-central TX)
I'm a Goat-mama of an Alpine herd.
I've been thoughtfully "breeding-up" for 10 yrs now and always hope that my babies find loving forever homes, where they will excel at what they were bred to do...
ShyI've had a disease-free herd since inception and I selectively breed for personality, conformation, size, high milk-production and unique color.
My goats are treated like family and I'm a helicopter-mom for sure.
The hardest part for me, is my location. I'm in an area so distance from most pack-goat enthusiasts and it causes ppl to overlook my fantastic babies.
All of them are breeder quality for the most part, but the S-line boys cannot get ADGA papers and my goal is to see them placed in "family" with a purpose for their lives. I also have a doe with a foreudder pocket and her boys should be wethered for cart/pets/pack. That works out well, as all of her boys have been taller than her by age 5mo.
I strive to avoid freezer camp, best I can  Wink
NONE of my animals are ever sent to auction. NEVER. This fur-mom needs to know her fur-babies have a happy, healthy future. Heart
PM sent. wondering how far I am from you
Wow. You've gotta post some picks of your critters for us. Pack goats are really taking off so I'm hoping your boys can find good homes even if its a bit of a hassle to get there.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!

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