howdy from Denton Texas
I'm Shane.  I've been a lurker on here for a while. we've been into pack goats since spring 2020. 

we have a herd of 6 alpine wethers.  all mine are named after characters off my favorite childhood sitcom, "Green Acres". they range from 1 month to ~15 months so far.  

by age..... working down

Mr Haney
Eb Dawson
Sam Drucker
Hank Kimball
Welcome! We don't have very many packgoat enthusiasts in Texas so it's always great to welcome one from the Lone Star state! I keep hoping one of you guys will get excited about changing the rules in Texas state parks to allow packgoats. I love hiking in the hill country but I can't bring my boys with me!
I didnt realize you couldnt take goats into state parks, but it doesnt surprise me. TX has very little in the way of public land, and what we have gets hit pretty hard (sadly, abused).

I'm lucky to have access to about 600 acres of private land (not much elevation gain, but still handy). we take our goats on a 2 mile loop around our rural neighborhood. all our neighbors smile and waive. I'm sure most think we're nuts (probably right), but it's our thing. Wife and I love taking them for a stroll. Smile

I got to take my 3 big goats to my dads deer lease in Sonora (western hill country) this deer season and used them to pack a spike buck back to camp. it was the first "official" use of the goats. Goats and I had a great time! Smile

where are you coming from, Nanno?
I live in Colorado but I have a lot of family in Texas. I actually hosted a North American Packgoat Association rendezvous in Texas three years ago. Not many people came (we got majorly rained out!), but it was a really fun time with those who did attend. We held it down in the Sam Houston NF if I remember correctly. There was a lady there who was extremely helpful in getting us a great camping location and setting us up with a good project. Her grandfather used goats to haul cedar trees out of the forest to make fence posts in the early 1900's. He preferred them over mules. She told us he built fences all over the area, many of which are still standing.

You have many beautiful state parks in Texas. Some of them started allowing llamas a few years ago after the llama people got involved in the state park management meetings. I think the same could be done for goats if someone down there were just willing to head it up. Anywhere horses are allowed should also allow goats in my opinion.
agree. that makes sense.

thanks for the info.

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