King of the mountain!
From the day Nancy Clough and I picked Leif up he has always been the goat that had to climb to the top of everything!  When he was let out of his pen for us to see prior to getting him he immediately climbed to the top of their haystack.  When my goats figured out how to open the gate to their hay mow it was Leif who I caught on top of the hay stack.  Today I let the goats out to graze in the hay field.  Leif decided he would rather climb to the top of the Christmas tree pile!  While the other goats grabbed a mouthful of tree and headed to the hay field Leif spent a good 5-10 minutes climbing on top of the trees!  It's too bad he's going to live in a flatland desert.  With his curiosity, intelligence and will to always be as high as possible he'd make a great goat in the mountains!

Goatberries Happen!
That's awesome! My kinda goat, la mancha too.

How much are you asking for him... only if he had horns. Great picture by the way, it must've been pretty difficult to get up there.

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