Beautiful Day!
56*, sunny and calm on November 24th.  I couldn't ask for a nicer day!

I let the goats out to graze in the hay fields then took them to one of our tree rows to browse.  There was some running, bucking and jumping as they enjoyed themselves!


When we got back I gave them their nightly hay.  It's obvious Joules was enjoying the hay fully.  She wore a crown of hay!


Jethro decided to relax on one of the spools.


It was a great day!
Goatberries Happen!
They're so awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Being your Idaho neighbor to the northeast I am always jealous of your sunny days. We have lots of clouds but mild temps thank goodness. We have been climbing our 800 foot vertical neighborhood at least once a week. Now we finally have 2 deer in the freezer we can get back to more frequent walks and climbs. Happy Thanksgiving

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