For Sale: Goat-O-Rama George
George is the only prospective packgoat kid we have to offer for sale this year, and I have to say he is probably the nicest. He has the perfect combination of athletic conformation combined with a friendly but not pushy personality. George is very leggy and correct with a rangy build that suggests he will grow into a large, strong goat built for endurance. George is 3/4 Alpine, 1/4 Nubian. George will be four months old on Sept. 3rd. He has been vaccinated and banded and is ready to go any time. 

Our herd is CAE/CL/Johnes free and tests results are available on request. 

If anyone is interested, I am also selling a 3-year-old doe in milk, a dry yearling, and a 2020 doe kid (Sunflower) who I think would make an outstanding packgoat mother. Sunflower is from my leggiest, most correct doe and from the same Alpine sire as George. 

I can be contacted here or at 719-489-2732. Please don't text. It is a landline! Smile

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