NW Pack Goats Saddles, Panniers and Goat Coats for Sale
3 sets NW Pack Goats pack saddles, panniers and goat coats.
  • 3  "finished" Wood Saddle Kit pack saddles with Mountain Straps @ $94 new= $282
  • 3 River Bottom Pannier sets @ $90 new = $270
  • 3 size large goat coats with fleece lining @ $62 new = $186
  • Total new = $738 
  • 25% used discount (Includes my labor and materials sanding, staining and coating saddle wood with polyurethane = $550)

Plus shipping to your location.

I checked at one time several months ago (I've been meaning to sell this gear for a while) and I don't think shipping anywhere in the US was more than $50.00.

So let's make a deal first, and if you don't like the shipping cost you can cancel no problem.  

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