First overnight trip
Just got back from a wonderful overnight trail in the Cascades.  Took Pilot, Buddy, Uber, Bradshaw, and Buster.  Pilot had 28 lbs, Buddy, had 24 lbs, Uber and Buster both carried 6 lbs. Bradshaw was a relief goat on the way up, but carried 6 lbs down, while Uber got to be the relief goat on the return trip.  My great hunting buddy and family friend, went up the night before to secure a spot and figured he would leave the normal sign of a couple of stacked rocks or a tree branch tied to another.  Nope left a comic sign that made all the other hikers coming up the trail laugh.  Five lakes in the area that we went to.  First time on a trail that was all either board walks and rocks.  Not many flat areas and made for perfect training of the goats to walk single file. First time my goats went across a narrow bridge as well.  After a little bit of talking them through they got it done.  Ran a high line kit both store bought and homemade for the goats to overnight it safely.  Had tarps over the goats just in case it started raining.   I plan on buying a larger panner to handle the tent as it was constantly shifting back and forth.  Great trip and cant wait to get back out there.

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I love the "Crazy Goat Brigade" sign. Smile

I'm glad you had such a wonderful first overnight outing!
Sounds like a great trip! I love the fungus photo! That was a big one! The hand ax gives it a great perspective of size.
Goatberries Happen!
Thanks for all the positive comments!
Wonderful trip and photos. I sure envy those oberhaslis.

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