Team building trip
Picked up a awesome Obershalli from another member and took him and part of the string on a team building exercise.  My wife and two co-workers that wanted to see the alpine wilderness and pack goats. The goats we took out were Pilot, Buddy, Buster, and Uber.  Pilot and buddy both carried 24lbs each and Buster and Uber carried 5 lbs each as they are still 1.5 years old.  The gear that we ran was one aluminum northwest saddle with panyards,  March Warnkes soft saddle and two of his training saddles with panyards.   For leashes I used the run of the mill dog leashes but do want to upgrade to the Marc's leashes he sells. Got to the trailhead and was surprised to see it almost full at 0800 in the morning.  Backpacking has really gained in popularity!  Great day and really enjoyed the views that the Alpine has to offer.   Perry thanks again for the goat!!!

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Great photos! Thanks for sharing!
This kind of hike is a lot of fun. I did a lot of hiking with goats that couldn't carry much in the early days. I enjoy watching them have a good time, and mainly it programs their brains to be pack goats.

That blackish alpine is really unique. Like a coo-blonk that changed its mind. I like it.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
Thanks! We have a local trail that is four miles long, and perfect for training the young ones before we take them to the mountains. It also is fairly traveled and really helps on teaching them social skills.
Hi Seth,

I enjoyed meeting you and your family.  I hope Buddy works out well for you.  It looks like you had a great day for the hike.


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