NAPgA Fundraiser Livestream Sunday!!
The recent NAPgA fundraiser auction was a screaming success, raising well over $5000.00! But the fun doesn't end there! As an added bonus to this weekend's fundraiser festivities, Phil and I are hosting a goat/fiddle livestream extravaganza on Sunday, July 12th at 5:00 pm MST (4:00 pm PST for those of you on the west coast). Phil will livestream a fiddle concert while goats cavort in the background. Participants with a YouTube/Google account can chat during the event and make song requests for a donation. Folks enjoying the music can also "toss money in the violin case" without making a song request. You'll be able to donate via PayPal here:    

The livestream will take place here at 5:00 MST:

Phil and I are offering to match donations up to $500.00 total for this event! Make us PAY!! 
Here's the link to the actual livestream:

Show starts at 5:00 pm MST!!

If someone could re-post this to Facebook I'd sure appreciate it. Desarae usually does that but I think she's AFK today.
Livestream happening NOW! Come join us--lots of fun!!
Idea for another time:

What if people that donated in advance could upload a 2 minute video of their own to play while Phil plays their request. Or a picture series.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
That would be pretty cool. In fact, Phil thought of it sometime last week but realized it was way too late in the game to try to pull off something like that for this event. Maybe next time. We'd love to have some of your videos on there!
Many thanks to everyone who participated in the livestream and to those who donated to the fundraiser! All told, you guys contributed $525.00!! With our matching funds that will be $1025.00!
Thanks so much, Nanno & Phil, for hosting the livestream! And for generously matching our donations!
It was so much fun to watch all your goats cavorting around, accompanied by Phil's lovely fiddle music. I really missed both his auctioneering AND his campfire concerts this year so at least this somewhat made up for it!--Saph

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