My friend, Debbi Otta, came over today to help me give injections to the goats.  Sometimes it's just easier with another set of hands.  Because of coronavirus I was wearing a mask while Debbi was here. 

I totally freaked the goats out! They didn't want to get close to me!  Once I took the mask down and they could see the rest of my face they relaxed some but were still a little "off."

I didn't realize how much they look at the "total package."
Goatberries Happen!
I know how they feel! I've been to Pueblo only a couple of times since the panic and the main reason I avoid it is not because I'm scared of the virus. It's because it looks like zombie apocalypse out there! The people wearing masks in our local grocery store are creepy enough, but when hundreds of masked strangers are milling around in a jam-packed Walmart it sets my skin crawling. Can't get out of there fast enough! Especially when I see exactly HOW people wear masks... these aren't trained medical professionals who are in the habit of wearing masks correctly. To me it looks like a bunch of people wearing soggy, sweat-soaked, spit-covered, snot-covered germ bags on their faces which they constantly handle and fuss with before touching the grocery cart and the produce. It's disgusting. And since everyone seems to remove their mask in order to smoke, converse, sneeze, or cough, I fail to see the point.

My goats are always scared of me when I clean out their sheds. I think I might be slightly allergic to straw dust so I try to remember to wear a mask when I clean sheds. If the goats happen to venture in, one look at me and they flee in all directions!
I have a parrot that freaks out if he sees me come out of the bathroom with shaving cream remnants still on.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!

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