New to pack goats
Hi Trevor!  Welcome to the wonderful world of packgoats!

If you think into the future you are going to want your goats to be spread out in age so they don't all need to retire at once.

You have a good start with the 3 you have now.  If you want more now I'd buy a couple of kids so there is a year spread between the yearlings you have now and the kids.  You'll need two of approximately the same size/age so they'll have a buddy.

Occasionally older packgoats are for sale.  However, you may be purchasing someone else's problems.  Do your homework and spend time with them to see their personality in the herd, on the trail and how they react to you.

Bottle fed or younger kids will bond more tightly with you.  That is extremely important for their time on the trail.

There are a number of goatpackers here in Washington!

Be sure to join NAPgA if you haven't already!
Goatberries Happen!

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