Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic lets look at the positive aspects of our current circumstances.

I am grateful for my goats.  The time I spend grooming them is relaxing, watching their antics is entertaining.  I am grateful I have more quality time to spend with my family and to read.  I am grateful I live on a farm.

What are you grateful for?
Goatberries Happen!
I'm very, very grateful for where I live. The lockdowns really haven't affected me at all. It's a little weird on the rare occasions when I go to the store (especially if I go to Pueblo) because it feels like a zombie apocalypse with the extra-huge crowds and all the face masks. However, I am so privileged not to live in that rat race. I'm also grateful that Phil's job is not affected even one bit. I'm grateful that our church has been holding outdoor services so we've been able to see friends every week. I'm even able to ride my horse to church or bring a baby goat if I want to!

Something I've noticed this year is that the birds are singing a lot more. I live in the sticks so it's not like we have a lot of human noise out here to drown the bird song out. No, I actually think the birds are singing more! It makes me wonder if the reduced noise from distant planes and traffic--noises that we humans can't usually even detect--has positively affected birds even out in the country. That would be pretty cool.

I enjoy being able to look up into the sky and see no contrails. Just an endless expanse of unlined blue. Kind of a unique sight.

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