NAPgA Rendezvous 2020
With all the craziness going on in the country right now, we've had to change plans for the Rendezvous this year. Fortunately it looks like we may be able to reschedule!

Our original date/location of June 18-21 in Oregon will not work out due to current circumstances, however we are looking into hosting TWO Rendy events later in 2020. The first would be July 10-12 in Conifer, CO and the second on September 25-27 in Cle Elum, WA.

These NAPgA Rendezvous would be held in conjunction with the Pack Animal Gatherings being put on by Alexa Metrick of Pack Animal Magazine, but we’re looking into having the first day dedicated specifically to packgoats. Everything is a little topsy-turvy right now so please bear with us while we sort out the details!
Update: Alexa does not think we can add a Friday to the event in Washington. She's not sure about Colorado. She needs to get with the property owner and look at the area available to see if there is room for all the extra people that a packgoat Rendezvous might bring. They can't do that until the snow melts and the stay-at-home order is lifted. However, people can still register to attend the pack animal Gatherings, which is free. It will be first-come, first-serve so if there is a limit to the number of people, whether because of land constraints or because of social distancing measures, then those who registered first will have top priority and Alexa will inform the rest that there's no room.

Those who are interested can register here:

One thing that is really great about all-inclusive events like these is that it connects us with others who are in a similar predicament as far as discrimination in land use policies. The more we band together, the better chance we have of standing up to the people who are trying to kick us out for spurious reasons. We are fighting for the same cause and this could be a wonderful opportunity to combine forces.
Update: Both Pack Animal Gatherings have just been cancelled. So sad. I'm hoping maybe later this summer a few of us can organize something, but as of now there are no plans in the works. Sad
Any new plans? I retired from running the Idaho Bowfishing Association this past fall and was looking forward to going to my first Rende this year.

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