Hello from central AZ and looking for breeders
Hello all,
I am joining this website with hope to find some information from members. I am not a great computer person and these tools are fancy but a bit beyond me. I am looking to get a few pack goats and am having trouble finding breeders close to AZ. I have a small hobby farm and an avid outdoors family. My kids are really getting into hiking and to an age that they can appreciate animal kinship and help with animal responsibilities. Any information anyone has to share would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance and this appears to be a really neat community!
Hello and welcome! We don't have many goat packers or any packgoat breeders that I know of in AZ. However, there are always dairy goat breeders and dairy goat wethers can make excellent packgoats. You might contact your local extension office and get in touch with whoever is in charge of the 4-H dairy goat project in your area. They may be able to point in the direction of some local breeders. Is there any specific breed you're looking for?
Thank you Nanno. I appreciate the help. I am not committed to one breed but rather proven genetics based on what I have research. I will reach to those you have suggested. Thank you very much!
Where are you located in AZ? I may be able to locate some reputable breeders near or within driving distance of you.
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