5 Pack Goats for Sale (including 6 saddles/panniers)

I am selling my amazing 5 fully trained healthy wethered packing Goats with horns intact.
Includes 6 saddles/panniers sets. I used them for hunting/hiking. Selling because I am transitioning to pack llamas.
Will NOT separate goats or the gear so Please don't ask if I will separate, These guys work great together and have had many successful outings with them. Everything is included as one package.
All shots UTD and de-wormed in March 2020. Below is a complete description of everything included.

Asking $2,900.

Please email me if interested and leave your name/call back number.
Thank you

ALBA (all white): 6 y/o male/wether, Saanen/Toggenburg, 35.5in at the withers, approx 230lbs. incredibly friendly. Stocky build and Very strong/hard working, likes to lead.

BLACKBIRD (black body/white legs): 7 y/o male/wether, Alpine, 36.5 at the withers; approx 220lbs, Tall/athletic/hard working. Him and ALBA switch leading.

CAPPY (dark brown/black body): 6 y/o male/wether, Oberhasli: 34in at the withers: Approx 190lbs; Very smart and friendly and very hard working

BROWNING (Tan/brown/white body): 3 y/o (in april) male/wether, Alpine/Oberhasli,; 35in at the withers; approx 210lbs; still growing; Very friendly and stocky build; just started pack training last year; he will be real strong and hard working

BRIAN (Tan/brown/white body): 3 y/o (in april) male/wether, Alpine/Oberhasli, Brothers with BROWNING; 35in at the withers; approx 200lbs; still growing; Athletic build; just started pack training last year; he will also be real strong and and probably taller than his stockier brother

Total of 6 saddles and 6 pannier sets
2 Pannier sets with XL side panniers plus center pannier (red sets)
2 Pannier sets with Large panniers (blue/orange)
2 Pannier sets with medium panniers (orange)

plus extra collars/leashes/straps and other odds/ends
Interested, are they still available?
Are your goats and gear still available?
Where are you located?
I know its a little late, but did you ever find a new home for the goats? I'd be interested if you still have them.
Are your goats in gear still available

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