Goat addiction

The last 7 years my wife and I have been building a great pack string. Taking left over dairy goats, sifting through lots of goats to find the perfect ones. So far we’ve done pretty good I’d say. We have a total of 12 pack goats. The last 3 years we’ve been kicking around the idea of breeding our own line of pack goats. Well 2 years ago we invested in a full Sabor(1/2 Saanen, 1/2 Boer) named Faith. We Bred her last fall too Marc Warnke’s buck General(1/2 Alpine, 1/2 Ober). Yesterday Faith had her first baby, 1 beautiful boy, 11lbs and 17” tall at shoulder. Was hoping for two but 1 will do. Now we officially have our own line of pack goats. So excited, we also purchased another female this past fall. So next spring we hope to be kidding 2 moma pack goats.

He's a cutie!

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