Hunting 2014
I feel guilty for hyjacking the pulling lessons thread, so any further hunting discussion which doesn't include a goat powered cart will be made here.

I didn't draw any special tags this year. So probably rifle general deer and bow elk. Be hunting the West side of the cascade rim.
All I want for Christmas is a new hip.
I didn't draw anything either......again. I want to build a cart with my kids for fun and have even thought about using a yoke and small plow to work a team, but for hunting I want to get off the beaten path and will just use the sawbucks and paniers . Good luck!
Oregon general archery season is just about finished. I've seen six shooter muley bucks all from the driver's seat of my little car. Unfortunately I didn't get a hunting license for my car or I could've filled my tag early in the season.

It seems Dave isn't going to comment about one of his hunting season visits so I will. Those of you who attended rendy saw that I drive a pretty large crew cab dually F-350 with a gooseneck trailer to haul my critters, equine and caprine. I chose to bring 4 of my packer boys along on our Saturday evening hunt so I needed a larger parking area and turn around to get out of anywhere we ended up. I was headed to a spot I knew that had proven itself in the past but the forest service had closed the roads I'm guessing because of extreme fire danger. So we all headed to an area close to the original one down a narrow dusty road and found a decent parking area. Off we went goats and all seeing lots of old sign but nothing fresh enough to get excited about. The goats were constantly giving false alarms about unseen boogey-bugs in the bushes. Dusk was falling so we headed back to the trucks.

Dave needed something from his truck as we waited for the others to get back so he unlocked, got what he wanted, shut the door with that "igna-second" of realization that as he locked the door his keys were still on the seat! Oops. After some thought Bre found the long lever wire that opens the awning on the side of my trailer. A couple minutes of maneuvering and "voila!" the door is unlocked. Major problem averted.

Everyone finally gets back so we load up and prepare to head into LaPine for some pizza. The local ground is pretty much pumi-dust and can be pretty deep in places. Guess who found one of those spots! That big truck and trailer just couldn't get out of the deep dust and buried the duallies to the hub even in 4-low first gear. Yikes! Now what? We start digging it out and scrambling for chunks of wood to stick under the tires for traction. We hooked up Dave's truck to the front of mine and wasn't able to budge it. So finally we unhooked the gooseneck and kept digging. In the meantime it had gotten dark so we're doing all of this with headlamps and flashlights. We were also blocking the whole road so we had help from other bowhunters with the digging and finding traction chunks of wood. Finally the truck was able to crawl out of the ruts. All the helpers were able to get by to return to their camps and we still had to get the gooseneck out. Luck was finally with us and the hook up went smoothly-from a completely different angle! Holding my breath I put the truck back in 4-low and out we came. Whew. The whole ordeal took just under an hour. We were all dust head to toe and were like the Peanuts character "pigpen" whenever we walked.

I bought pizza and beer for everyone that night. It took me three days to get all the dust out of my sinuses! The funniest part was we didn't see a thing on the whole hunt!
Charlene in Central Orego
Smile was two amazing weekends to be sure! Got to go out with a few different people and although I wont say any names, I will say, those with testicles need to maybe switch to a weapon that suites their hunting style better. Like a modern rifle. The women on the other hand were like little ninjas out in the bush Smile Didnt get to get out as much as we all would of liked. The conversations the nights before often led into later then expected morning wake ups... Bow people cant party, sleep a hour or two and be up and ready to go hunting Smile But saw some decent wildlife, all cows or does. Great people and a beautiful country made it hard to leave both weekends.

The locked keys and the truck getting stuck were highlights Smile Charlene had the right tool and Bre found it, so I could quickly get into my truck was amazing. Almost as amazing as getting the truck unstuck. It was Bre to the rescue again by suggesting I use my jack to lift the truck up so we could get wood under the tires. Which all plays out funny. If I had not gotten a flat earlier that day and used the 2 ton hydrolic jack, Bre wouldnt of even know it was there.

I took my corder along to get some footage but forgot about it most of the time and didnt end up needing it. Though coulda got some nice wildlife on camera. Thats ok, will head back down for late season archery and get some amazing footage then Smile

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Those are two nice looking "does!" Big Grin
Goatberries Happen!
LOL ^^^ Ya they are!

Got to go out with my brother this morning for the second day of early muzzle loader. Ill post more videos as I get em posted. This one is just of us taking a quick break and glassing.
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)

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