agressive dominant alpine
First, check your goat pen and housing. Has it enough room for all goats or is it rather on the smaller side? If you can, add more room/space.

Do you have partitions? These can be feeders that can be accessed from several sides, wooden boards that are high enough that goats can't see over.

Do you have things to climb/jump on? Higher resting places?

Where are your feeders located, how far apart are they? Same with water? BTW why would she chase other goats from water? Do they have water 24/7? Hay 24/7?

If you feed concentrates, tie all goats prior to preparing the food and then give the feed in individual buckets/pans. Keep all tied until each goat is finished. Tie her first and untie her last.

Do you have a goat savvy vet? Ask him to check her (might need blood draw) for overy cysts and/or other hormone imbalances - they can cause overly aggressive behaviour.

Do you have a buck or at least a castrated male? Sometimes adding a "male presence" settles the females down.
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