Dog ultra-sonic dog repellent guns??
Been reading reviews on Amazon. Wondering if this could be good protection for.goats.and.hikers.from preditors, like.domestic dogs, big cats, maybe even bears (?) without scaring or freaking out the dog owner since hopefully they can't hear the ultrasonic sound. Any experience with these things. Says it can be used on cats.too so wondered.if.all potential preditors.have.hearing cats.and maybe not.the goats? Thanks.
My experience shows they don't work.
Goatberries Happen!
We tried ours on the Swell trip and it didn't work on the two dogs going nuts around the goats, but at the same time I have tried it on other dogs that were solely focused on the goats and it did work. I think there was way too much general excitement at the Swell so the dogs didn't relate the noise with any particular behavior so they just carried on. With dogs focused on the goats, I can face them and point the Dazer so it actually gets (and holds) their attention. Still, a big stick or pepper spray is probably a surer thing. ;-)
Darn! Disappointing to hear. Sounded like.a.good.answer. Thanks,.Taffy and Nan.

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