Getting a harness and cart!! Yippee!!!
Hey guys! I think this forum must have had a reboot since I was last on a couple years ago.

Anyways, my Alpine wether is finally 4 years old and over 165 pounds - I gotta remeasure him to get a better weight on him. But we'll be getting a harness this month and my friend is building a small cart for me. I'm so excited!! Since my son just turned one, I've realized it's a lot harder right now to get out to go horseback riding, so goat driving will be the perfect thing for me so my boy can ride along on our outings Smile

I'd love to see any pictures or videos of folks with their goats pulling carts.
Yeah, the forum did get a reboot of sorts. Wink

Good luck with your goat cart endeavor! Have you already been training your goat to drive without the cart? He should be used to the harness and he can learn voice and rein commands before you start driving him with the cart. I've got a few photos in this section under the tread titled "Driving lessons".
Hello Nanno!

I just did my first driving lesson today with him and he starting figuring everything out really quickly. He already knows lots of verbal commands for hiking with us, so that really helped. It was exciting to see him with a halter and reins walking so well in front of me! I worked on teaching him to give to pressure just like I do with my filly. I'll post pictures as we get farther along in our training Smile I think my harness will come in about a week and the cart in another 2 weeks or so.

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