Pack herd and gear package
Regrettably, circumstances indicate the need to sell my pack goats and gear.  This is a complete package and I am not interested in breaking it up. The package includes four adult packers (ages 4, 4, 5, and 6) and two up and coming 7 month olds.  It also includes three pack saddles (two with mountain straps) and three sets of panniers.

I am valuing the goats at $2100, or an average of $350 each. (Some new to the year goats are selling for up to $300 each.) 
I am valuing the saddles and panniers at $585, or an average of $195 a saddle/pannier set. 
Total value is $2685.  I will consider trade for a four-wheeler (4x4) of comparable value.
If you are a serious inquirer, email me at for specifics on each animal and each piece of equipment.  I am in western Wyoming. Thank you. 

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