Packgoat Campout!
Join us for the annual Cascade Packgoat Club campout!

Place: Skamania County Horse Club, Camp Howe.
Dates: September 6-September 9, 2019
Directions and info:

Our campout is held in the Columbia River Gorge near Carson, WA. The campground is in a beautiful setting right along Trapper Creek with plenty of room for tents and R.V.'s. It has pit toilets but no running water or garbage service so you need to bring your own water and pack your garbage out. This is a private horse camp that we rent for the weekend but it is in a National Forest so you will need to bring weed free hay for your goats. Cost for the weekend is $15 for a single or $20 for a family.

There are hiking trails right from camp and many, many more within a few miles. If you drive to a trailhead you will need a Northwest Forest Pass. You can get a yearly pass at this website: or by calling 800-270-7504.  For the last few years the day pass has been available at the trailhead right near the campground.  It is $5 per day.
Everyone is Welcome! Potlucks Friday and Saturday evening. Our club is pretty informal but if there's something you would like to discuss or a subject you would like to learn more about we can schedule that too.  This is a goat get together but dogs are welcome as long as they are well behaved and their owners can keep control of them.
Directions are:

Take I-84 to Cascade Locks, cross the Bridge of the Gods, (toll bridge) and turn right onto Highway 14 east

Follow hghway 14 through Stevenson. In about 3 miles you will turn left at a small sign that says Carson, pointing to the left up a hill. Go approximately 15 miles straight through Carson (well, stop at the stop sign!), you will pass a Fish hatchery, after the hatchery the road splits, take the left branch (toward Government Mineral Springs), go ½ mile, turn right on gravel road 5401. Go a short distance, cross a bridge and Camp Howe is on the right.  The roads are good all the way and you are only on gravel for a very short distance.

We hope to see you there!



Goatberries Happen!
How fun! Hope you guys have a blast!
Darn! Just.saw this. We would have come. Well, is this an annual event about same time every year? Maybe next year?
It's an annual event and everyone is invited! It's normally held the Thursday-Sunday after Labor Day. You can follow us on Facebook for UTD information on our activities.
Goatberries Happen!
Thanks. We will do that. We are currently trying to get to Idaho to look at another summer home.possibility, but darn, the storms hit and with the holidays, airfare went thru the roof. We are too wimpy to brave driving in your weather to there right now.

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