Beautiful and Sweet Pack Goat Potential
Beautiful 2 year old Nubian wether, moonspotted, dappled, was bottle fed and has been on forage all his life. Intact horns, very gentle, never pushy. This big sweet guy would love to eat your brambles and weeds and follow you around.
Healthy and stout, he could be what you're looking for to start pack goat training and assist in your hiking/camping adventures.
Must have other goats for company. If you don't have other goats I have several available. For other pack goats in particular, 2 beautiful, weaned Nubian/Boer/Alpine cross bucklings. 
I have too much trouble adding pictures on this site. Please text for pics. This goat is too pretty not to see!
Located in LaGrande, Oregon.
Let me know if you need help posting photos. You have to use the "New Reply" button rather than using the Quick Reply box. Then scroll to the bottom and you should be able to upload photos as attachments. He sounds like a lovely boy!

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