Trip Home Not Going Well
Rendy was great! Trip home not so great. We are broke down in Loveland, CO since 1 am last night because US Rider cannot find a provider for the 20" tires on our truck. We have a flat on the truck. Prayers if you are so inclined would be appreciated.
So great to see you at the Rendezvous, Connie and Robert! Sorry to hear about your malfunction on the way home. Sending you positive thoughts for a speedy fix to the issue--Saph
Thanks, Saph. 6:47 pm, just pulling out of Discount Tire in Loveland, CO. TIRE WAS RUIned. Had to be brought in from Denver about 3 pm. Only then did they find rim was ruined too. So another special order from Ford dealer. Those Discount Tire people really worked hard to get us back on road.

We went thru so many heavy rains, high winds, even a couple pea sized hail storms, I guess we never realized it was a flat swaying the truck rather than the high winds. Expensive lesson. Guess we should be glad we didn't have this happen at park with no phone signal.
Yikes! What an ordeal! I'm glad you guys are ok. Sometimes blown tires can cause bad accidents, especially when pulling a trailer. Hopefully the rest of your trip home is smooth!
It's not over yet. I may become paranoid about leaving home ever again.

Besides the ordeal of taking from 1 am to 2 pm to get a tow 8 miles to Discount Tire, the wait on tire and then rim, we came home to more disaster. Apparently they had one heck of a rain and wind storm here Monday, the day we left.  Must have been later in the day. Se were out of the loop with no phone communication and had no idea.

Apparently the storm tripped one of our circuit breakers and everything in the refrigerator went south big time. So that was at least 10 days. I had to throw everything out.  After working and scrubbing I don't know how long on it, I can still smell rotten meat smell in it because apparently the rotten chicken and beef blood ran into the working parts behind the panel. OK. It's back on and clean as I can get it. Not sure what to do about remaining smell.

Other thing, air conditioner wouldn't work so more repairs. So first night home ( we rolled in 11 pm), miserably hot. In morning daylight, Hubby found wind tore a panel off the old greenhouse and it sheared a wire to the a.c. Just before dark, Hubby got it working again.

So we get ready to watch 10 pm news. That was about time I gave up scrubbing, re-scrubing refrigerator. TV won't work. Hubby stumbles.around in dark and finds the high winds skinned and broke the wires to our high tower antenna in several places.

I think I'll just stay in bed tomorrow and just pull the covers up tight over my head for fear of what else awaits me.
Oh no! Open up a large container of baking soda and stick it in the fridge. It won't fix the smell overnight, but it should absorb it over time.

Glad you got your AC going at least. As for the TV, just leave it off. The news ain't worth watching anyway. ;-)
oh dear! I hope you get all problems fixed soon!
Sabine from Germany
[Image: zoVgi.gif]

Hubby got cables to antennae fixed and still neither tv works. I suspect we had an electrical surge that did them both in, I don"t know but I can't get him to try the tv out of camper or.take them somewhere to test. I am beginning to suffer from Frazier rerun withdrawals.
You'll be ok... Every time you start to feel boob toob withdrawal, just sit down, look out your window, and watch "goat TV". It works wonderfully. Wink

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