New goat packer in central Colorado
(05-19-2019, 02:01 PM)Nanno Wrote: One reason I think Nubians can be "lazy" is because the wooden saddles that generally fit the Alpines very well do not fit the typically broad Nubian backs at all. People don't realize this and they saddle the goat and weigh him down with packs, but they don't realize that the saddle is pinching very painfully and that's why their goat is stopping, laying down, crying, and turning back toward the trailhead. I'm becoming more and more convinced that there are very few "lazy" goats in the world. When a goat isn't working well, it's probably because he's hurting somewhere but he doesn't have any way to tell you. Some goats will push through the pain and work anyway, but Nubians are definitely more sensitive than other breeds and they will usually tell you when something hurts. 

completely agree! Nubians here in Germany also have a very long back and are often higher in the hind end then in the front. All these traits can result in a poor saddley fit when using a wooden saddle. And the longer backs get tired sooner.
Sabine from Germany
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