WTB 3-4 3+ year old packers.
Located in northern CA. I’m looking for 3-4 solid packers preferably 3+ years old. Horned preferably but if not no big deal. I can travel for the right deal.
I am an OLD man who must move my goats to a good user. My health stinks and I am losing my rented pasture. All are of mixed dairy goat ancestry. I have a five year old (black with muzzle and ears speckled Alex) which has worn Rex Summerfield pack a few times in the Owyhee Mtns. I have a three year old (solid blond Boris) which is stout but has not packed. The last is three-year old (black with a few white spots Vlado) which is a mild mannered fellow without pack experience. They are all human bonded (to me) I never have them tethered on the trail. They have been out in wild country together and alone. Halters and lead dog chains, feed pans, hoof trimming shears, whatever come with them. Ham Hamilton 1122 N Benewah St Nampa Idaho minew74@gmail.com (417)988-3982 TEXT ONLY because I am deaf.
Hiya Ham! I'm sorry you're having to part with your buddies. I hope they find a great home!

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