Goat-O-Rama at the Community Easter Party
We had nice weather for the annual Community Easter Festival this year, and as usual when the weather is nice, Goat-O-Rama made an appearance. Finn got to be the star of the show this year since Sputnik has generally been doing all the heavy lifting (er, pulling) lately. In the interest of keeping it simple, we only brought Finn and no other goats. We dolled him up with a flower and ribbons on one of his festively wrapped horns. 

I love the expression on the far kid's face! 

This might have been my favorite cartload--three sisters decked out in their Easter finest and rabbit ears on the little one!  

This was my other favorite pair. The big brother was very protective of his special needs little sister and held onto her tight even while tooting the horn for her amusement.  

I guess not everyone loves a goat ride. 

But this sunny gal more than makes up for it! 
Finn looks very festive! I like the idea of clipping the reins to the rings on the neck strap so the kids can still feel like they're driving the goat - even though he's being led by Phil
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Yes, the kids do love to hold those reins and think they're driving. I actually hitch them around the front rail of the cart as well so the kids can shake the reins up and down without slapping them on the goat's rump. Wink

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