Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2019
The other day there was a mysterious package in the mail addressed to Buster Brown. I opened it up and found a small goat bell from Phil's Uncle Steve and Aunt Marianne! We let Buster Brown wear the bell for our daily walk that evening before putting it away for safekeeping. He looks very proud of it!
I'm happy but also very sad because today we said goodbye to Buster Brown. He went to his new home in Wyoming to be with his old pals Yeti and Thor. I did not originally plan to sell Buster Brown, but last month I got a call from Cameron who bought TinCup's kids in August. He originally had two bottle babies that he'd bought before he got Yeti and Thor, but one of them was always a bit poorly and never seemed to really grow or thrive. His name was Brownie and in September little Brownie died. Cameron wanted a fourth goat and wondered if I had anything else available. Well, my baby's name was Brownie too and it just fit. I always said that if I didn't keep Brownie he would have to go to a very special home, and I think Cameron's home is just the right kind, especially since he'll be back with his old pals. 

Phil and I took Brownie and Cupcake for a last walk together yesterday. We decided to go to Lake Beckwith. We had a great time.  

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