Fund Raiser for Dwite Sharp
Dwite Sharp is a Board Member of the North American Packgoat Association (NAPgA).  Throughout the years, Dwite has been invaluable in providing help and expertise to NAPgA and goat packers everywhere.  He makes generous donations to NAPgA each year, not to mention providing the pack goat community with dozens of beautiful kids, which have grown up to be strong, high-quality adult packers.  Many of you have met him at the annual NAPgA Rendezvous, so you know what a steadfast and loyal person he is.  Please help him out in this hour of need and send him strong wishes for a full recovery. 

Reposted from Facebook: 
"Our friend, Dwite Sharp, was involved in a serious car accident yesterday and needs our help so he can focus on recovery. He is going to be ok, but is currently in the hospital. Meanwhile, Paradise Ranch kidding season is in full swing. Please donate."
GoFundme for Dwite Sharp
Curtis called and told me this morning. What a horrible thing to happen, and at the worst possible time of year for Dwite too! Thanks for sharing this link. If anyone would like to send Dwite a card in the mail, please message me and I'll get you his address.

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