Two disbudded 4 year old Alpine wethers for sale
I have two 4 year old wethers for sale. They are full Alpine and disbudded. They were wethered November 2013 after being used for bucks for three years. I have had them since January 2014 and acquired them from a dairy that was selling out. They were underweight and needed wormed so they haven't had packs on for fear of soring their backs. I have had them on trails a couple times and they did well. Have not tried water crossings with them. Both are very respectful and very good on the stand for hoof trims. They are from a CAE/CL and Johnes free closed herd. They have great personalities that are evolving as they get healthier. Lead well unless they get distracted but are easy to get back in line. They are up to date on everything. I am running out of time now that babies are on the ground so to be fair to them they need their own person to do things with.

$125 each, they must go together as they have never been apart in their whole lives.

Buckwheat has the white legs and spot on face, Spanky has black legs and dark face.

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Charlene in Central Orego

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