31st NWODGA Goat Conference
The 2019 Northwest Oregon Dairy Goat Assoc. Goat Conference (the 31st annual goat conference!) will be held on February 23rd in Clackamas, OR.

NAPgA President Curtis King and I will be teaching a goatpacking class.

There is a class taught by Sheila Thyssen on Long Distance Traveling with Goats that is fabulous! It's a must-take class filled with excellent tips and information.

There will be 4 different sessions with classes offered in each session. Catered lunch, vendors, a raffle and more!  Here is a link to the website for further information.  http://nwodga.org/annual_dairy_goat_conference.html

Here is a list of the speakers and their classes. Which session they are presenting in will be announced sometime this week.

Speaker and Topic

1 Dr. Steve Hart (Keynote) Langston University, OK Parasite Management Part 122
2 Dr. Steve Hart - Parasite Management Part 2
3 Dr. Steve Hart - Fecal Workshop
4 Dr. Lauren Acton - Acupuncture
5 Dr. Lauren Acton - Tempo Herd Management
6 Dr. Susan Kerr - Biosecurity - a Farm Set Game
7 Dr. Susan Kerr - Necropsy
8 Dr. Susan Kerr - Disaster Preparedness for the Goat Farmer
9 Dr. Charles Estill - Goat Keeping 101 Part 1
10 Dr. Charles Estill - Goat Keeping 101 Part 2
11 Dr. Charles Estill - Reproductive Management
12 Lisa Shepard - Dilemas to Solutions - Using ADGA Performance Programs
13 Lisa Shepard - DHIR - Do’s and Don’ts - How to Not Wreck a Record
14 Lisa Shepard - DNA Tests Available Through ADGA and What They Can Tell You
15 Lorrie Conway - Goat Keeping Q & A
16 Rick Ius - Clipper Blade Care
17 Alex Appleman - Cheese Making
18 Alex Appleman - How Can Breeding Mr. EX 91 to Mrs. VEEE 91 Produce Miss V+VV 84?
19 Kat Drovdahl - Herbalism
20 Kat Drovdahl - Essential Oil Use
21 Cristen Sullivan - Milking Procedures for Quality Raw Milk
22 Cristen Sullivan - Pros and Cons of Milking with a Machine
23 Jennifer Cruikshank - Goat Genomics
24 Taffy Mercer and Curtis King - Packing with Goats
25 Gary Fredericks - Using Body Condition Score to Evaluate Feeding Management
26 Gary Fredericks- Feeding Hay and Concentrates - Reaching a Balance
27 Erin Healy - Beginning Soap Making
28 Erin Healy - Natural soap (using natural colorants and essential oils)
29 Erin Healy - Goat Milk Bath Bombs
30 Lori Townsend and Shelley Hansen - Disbudding and Neutering Kids
31 Shelley Hansen - Introduction to Goat Carting
32 Pamela Miller - Soap Felting - Limited to 20 participants
33 Pamela Miller Soap Felting - Repeat - Limited to 20 participants
34 Alyse Armstrong - Selecting and Feeding a Wether for the Livestock Auction
35 Cheryl Smith - Goat Midwifery
36 Cheryl Smith - 10 Tips for Keeping Your Goat Healthy
37 Lichen June - "What is Permaculture? A Fun, Fact Filled Introduction For Goat Owners"
38 Carol Ronan - Fiber Goats: Breeds, Fiber Types, and Uses
39 Amy Akramoff - Judging Basics
40 Amy Akramoff - Judging Basics for Youth
41 Janet Tilp - Fiber Goats
42 Kathleen Sackman DHIR Tester Training - Part 1
43 Kathleen Sackman DHIR Tester Training - Part 2
44 Ashley Culver - Meat Goat Fitting
45 Ashley Culver - Meat Goat Showmanship
46 Melanie Fergason - Dairy Goat Showmanship
47 Melanie Fergason - Youth Activities at the ADGA National Show
48 Elisabeth Bueschen-Monahan - Organic Goat Dairying
49 Sonia Thyssen - Long Distance Traveling with Goats
Goatberries Happen!
Sounds great! I wish we could be there. Is there any chance you and Curtis could get your talk on video?
Not this year.
Goatberries Happen!
NAPgA President, Curtis King, and I had an outstanding turnout for our goatpacking class!  35 people including those getting ready to buy their 1st goats to seasoned goat owners.  Several 4-H youth, their leaders and lots of adult attendees.  There was a lot of interest at the packgoat display.  "Dolly Lamba" (my life size sheep) dressed in her goatpacking gear and sporting new horns was a HUGE hit!  Both Curtis and I had people ask us to take photos with their phones of them with Dolly.  We reached a large number of people and hopefully will have new goatpackers join our ranks!



Goatberries Happen!
What fun! I'm so glad you had such a great turnout! Thanks for getting out there and "spreading the love" for packgoats. Maybe in a few years you guys will have enough people with their own packgoats that you could run a packgoat obstacle event at this show. Wouldn't that be fun! Do you know if Curtis was able to sell any of those calendars?
Sounds like.a.very successful p.r. for goat packing. Atta, girl.and Atta, boy to both you and Curtis. Love your model sheep,.darn, it looks real. Connie

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