MOVI at Ten Years article
Wild Sheep Foundation winter issue had the attached article by Tom Besser. He reviews the hypothesis of MOVI. Not much for new news but the next to the last bullet point he eludes to Dr Highland's discovery of other animals carrying MOVI. He notes 90% of sheep operations have MOVI then, with out a word, throws goats under the bus as if this makes sense, like there is some kind of connection we are all to assume. I'll never understand this guy. 
I hope this works the file was too big to attache as a PDF so I'm posting it as a JPEG.

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I'll have to get out a magnifying glass to read it! Is there a link somewhere that can be posted instead of attaching a file? Or, can you compress the .PDF to a smaller file on your computer and try uploading it again?
Not sure how to compress a PDF. When I click on the article in the post it opens up in another browser tab where it can be enlarged. Does that work for you?
Oh I see. Yes, clicking on it did make it much bigger (and readable!). Interesting article. I like all of his questions because he acknowledges that there have indeed been Bighorns that have survived M.ovi outbreaks and stayed healthy. I really think the Bighorn researchers need to start thinking about their own methods of study, which are extremely invasive and stressful for the sheep. Dr. Besser's questions lead to a very obvious research project in my opinion: What is the difference in pathogen tolerance between herds that have been tampered with and/or relocated/reintroduced vs. native herds that have been largely left alone? It's possible the answer to his questions has been staring him in the face for decades. One of the major problems facing a large number or researchers and scientists is they can't see the forest for the trees. They're so busy peering through microscopes and studying small groups and samples they forget to step back and look at the larger picture.

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