Four books *SOLD*
    Four books, "Raising Goats for Dummies", "Backyard Goat", "The Pack Goat",  and "Practical Goatpacking".
Carolyn Eddy's book, "Practical Goatpacking"  has been out of print for some time and was purchased used.  It's in pretty good shape but some pages are loose and it does show some wear.  Otherwise, it's okay and in perfectly usable shape.  The other 3 are in good shape.
All four for $25 plus shipping.  I'm not interested in breaking them up and selling individually.  Will ship the whole bunch, CONUS, Priority mail, one price box at $14. That's $38 total, considerably less than just the price of the books alone.  PayPal only.  Thanks!

Special sale! $30 !!
Did you sell the books?
(02-28-2019, 08:36 AM)Mtngroan Wrote: Did you sell the books?

Sorry, just saw this.  No, I didn't sell the books, still have them.
SOLD. Thanks for the interest.

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