Which Sopris saddle
I had a Rookie saddle with the middle tightening strap and surprisingly it did no good at all. It still allowed the panniers to act like a pendulum and swing up in the front or back and escape their hooks. And it's one more fussy little strap to have to deal with. I don't like fussy little straps and the Sopris design has a lot of them, which is probably my biggest complaint after the hooks. Don't get me wrong--I love so many things about the Sopris saddles (especially that they fit every goat!), but I feel that the design could easily be improved.
You must have some real hip swaying goats!  Smile  Well I can guarantee the leather strings won't slip at all, same thing we use on the horse saddlebags - see green saddle on right (one on left has the new center strap.) I wrap the string around hook & bar in a way it can't slip, period.

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Thanks for leather tie tip. Have not yet tried the used Sopris on Sprite. Not sure if it is Lumbar but I think so altho I know panniers are intermediate. Now worried about fit. He weighs 180 lbs but is only 2.5-3 years old so hopefully will get bigger.

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