Blue Mountians Forest Plan
I will be driving up to the Naches Ranger Station (Yakima WA) Tuesday night June 3rd to speak at the Back Country Horseman Meeting at 7:oopm. I was invited to attend the meeting to address the Back country horseman about our very serious pending and time sensitive issue with the forest service over the use of Pack Goats on public lands.

Im going to ask them very professionally if they will stand behind their mission statement and help support us with keeping the National Forests and trails open to " All Pack Stock Animals". My goal is to ask them to address the Forest service as an "Assosiation" to help support our cause. Im asking them to respond in writting via e-mail to the open comments period to the Blue Mountians forest Revision plan prior to August 15th.

If I can get them on board we can try to get all the Washington State Chapters to respond. My friends thats a lot of people and the Back Country Horseman has a lot of pull-a very strong VOICE and a very strong relationship with the Forest service. Im also going to try to reach the Oregon Chapters of the Back Country Horseman as well. I refuse to rest on this issue until we have a compromise and workable solution with the forest service. Strong healthy vaccinated Pack Goats are not a threat to Bighorn Sheep and they never will be. I know in my heart that through best management practices, leave no trace ethics, honesty, responsibility, accountability and educating each other we can share the forest with Bighorn sheep and pose zero risk to them.

"Long Live The Pack Goat"
Curtis King Burbank WA.
Thank you Curtis for all you are doing for us.
That sounds great!

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