6 day pack trip - Andrews Creek area Pasayten WA
Hi Charlie Horse,

Yes the larch are unusual.  They have needles, but are deciduous, the needles turn a golden yellow in the fall, then drop off.  The larch color season lasts for a week or two. 

I've packed water for a 'dry camp' for one night, but multiple days of water would add up fast.

I did meet other people on the trail, one or two people on several days, but some days I  saw no one.

We can get rain or snow in our mountains this time of year.  Weather on this trip was good, first 3 days mostly sunny, a few high clouds; the next two days were cloudy with a few sun breaks.  Saturday on the hike out it was cloudy with a few light rain showers.  I usually don't go unless the weather forecast is fairly good  Smile

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